Fence Installations

Fence Installations

Wood Fence 1Nates Landscaping and Construction LLC offers commercial and residential fencing services. Choose from a variety of fence styles in wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link and Simtek vinyl. We provide Free Estimates on all jobs.

Wood Fencing: Wood provides the most versatile material when it comes to fence. It can be cut to add aesthetic appeal. Additionally, there are many different types of wood to choose from such as pine, cedar, and more. The life and integrity of wood is improved by treatments added to decrease the effects of weathering, and maintenance is relatively easy.

Custom Fence Designs – Aluminum Fencing: Aluminum is durable and long lasting and does not require constant maintenance. It can also be color treated to enhance its visual appeal. Comparatively it an inexpensive alternative to other metals such as steel or iron.

Chain-Link Fencing: The most common of types of fencing, chain-link can be utilized to safely divide boundaries, protecting children and pets as well as others for commercial and residential security. It is ideal for constructing kennels for dogs or other animals. Chain-link fencing is easy to build and install.

Vinyl Fencing: Similar to vinyl siding, vinyl fencing is long lasting and easy to clean and maintain. It can be painted to match your home. It can be as decorative as wood fencing for privacy or boundary marking but withstands weathering far better than even treated wood.



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